Sarala Spa and Sento

We welcome you to Sarala Spa and Sento our purpose-built hot bath natural setting on the edge of pine forest and bamboo grove. Here you can calmly soak and unwind before continuing your relaxing journey in single or double treatment rooms for a complete mind, body and soul experience.

At Sarala Spa and Sento we have selected a well balanced mix of Bali’s natural essential elements to renew your energy. Guests emerge more relaxed than ever and return to the world revived and renewed.

Spa Treatments

Indulge yourself in a journey of wellness and relaxation with our special treatments. Professional therapeutic massage and relaxation is the norm. Each guest is provided with a comfortable yukata bathrobe which can be worn to and from accommodation.

The Sento

Soak all of your troubles away in our sento hot pool after indulging our massage and spa treatments.