Architecture & Design

Tira Vilagna Suites & Spa proudly stands as a holistic work of art, constructed with the highest level of sustainability and a design ethos of comfort, combined with only the lightest impact on the environment. 

The native trees, which include teak, coffee, tamarillo, and the sacred dadap, were preserved, and the use of prefabricated materials was avoided in preference for the sustainable sources of found and recycled teakwood. The classic, trapezium-shaped roofs of the joglos, cone-shaped forms of the relaxation gazebos, and organic curves of the pathways and boundary walls, cascade down the slopes of the hill, presenting a refreshing alternative in architectural style and flair.

Kurungan Amphitheatre

Tira Vilagna Elements

Almost every element in the creation of Tira Vilagna Suites & Spa has drawn on the talent of the local people – of whom we should never underestimate the artistry and ingenuity – combined with a vast array of beautiful local materials. Tira means ‘earth, land and beauty’ in honour of the stunning natural environment, while Vilagna means ‘cage’, showcased in the fabulous sculpture of rooster cages shading the amphitheatre.
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Design Features

Other notable design features include the ‘padma’ lotus-inspired lanterns lining the exterior walls; the logo of the rare Bali Starling – locally known as Jalak Bali; the bridge at the main entrance fashioned from a traditional plough; the seven gentle steps symbolising the body’s seven chakras and represented on seven platters; and the fine-looking natural stone walls crafted by a family of stone workers.
Traditional Joglo Houses

Traditional Joglo Houses

Conceived with a sustainable mindset, each suite and facility were once a traditional family home (a Joglo) which has been repurposed and painstakingly restored by local craftsmen & women. Each Joglo features a high-pitched thatched roof, ornate timber carvings and large outdoor terraces all appointed with modern finishes from which to take in your surrounds.