Welcome to Tira Vilagna Suites & Spa, a blissful and visually-arresting boutique retreat enveloped within a pine forest in Bali’s mountainous Kintamani district. This secret sanctuary comprises a series of historical, timber ‘joglo’ houses accommodating 22 private guestrooms and suites, as well as a restaurant, two bars, a teahouse, Sarala Spa and Sento hot pool, yoga deck, amphitheatre and fire pit. 

The playful architecture features grass roofs, timber cladding, intricately-carved pendopo structures, archways and bridges, shallow stairways and relaxation gazebos, resourcefully integrated into the natural contours of the hillside. Here, romantic interiors and handcrafted artistry is intermingled with contemporary notions of privacy and comfort, capped with exemplary personal service.