Firepit and Barbeque


In-House Guests
: 3pm– 6pm


The fire pit area when viewed from above resembles a tiara. The patio provides shade from direct sunlight during the day. At night, the fire pit is lit and provides warmth and social pleasantries. The fire pit bowl is made of local pumice from the nearby mountain. It is a fitting place to gather given the unique location of Tira Vilagna Suites & Spa which is surrounded by 3 mountains. East is Mount Agung, North is Mount Batur and in the West is Mount Batukaru. Also 3 other mountain sceneries can be seen from areas of the hotel: Mount Catur, Mount Pucak Antap Sai Bon and Mount Pucak Mangu Mount. Guests can relax around the fire pit warming the body while contemplating the surroundings: ship shaped pendopo / pavilion and the unique banyan trees.

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